DEFREZ Sound Sessions – Ideal Noise

DEFREZ Sound Sessions – Ideal Noise

DEFREZ-Sound-Sessions-Ideal Noise

You know the feeling you get when you put on a record, and although it’s brand new, you get the feeling it’s been your favourite for years? That’s how this Sound Session hits you as mixed by Ideal Noise. But enough about that :) here’s a bio as supplied by the man himself:

A man … and his dog walking together around the neighborhood for hours … an iPod …a PC with some editing/production software and over 1 TB of ever expanding digital music files on various hard drives. These are collectively what’s behind the concept of Ideal Noise.

It is an attempt to selectively collect, pair up, mix and share some personal and favorite sounds by some outstanding artists and producers involved in today’s various genres of electronic sounds. Lack of professional music training, DJ’ing and production credentials are used to the benefit of delving into variety of stuff without fear of turning off fans or followers. I share what I like and what is close to my heart. Those who like it, are quick to forgive all my shortcomings somehow ….And that’s what gives Ideal Noise relevance and popularity.

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